Mud Wharves

Historical Use Of Mud Wharves

Originally the Mud Wharves were listed as common land .- “For the use of inhabitants of the parish of Iver for the purpose of watering cattle and of throwing mud out of the River Colne.”

The Mud Wharves in Iver are an important site for nature conservation within the Colne Valley. The sites form part of the Colne Valley Regional Park, a 27,500 acre area of interconnected greenspaces located between Rickmansworth and Staines.

Iver Mud Wharves are located on the River Colne at three locations:

* Long Bridge, A4007 Slough Road where the River Colne and Colnebrook diverge (owned and maintained by The Ivers Parish Council)

* Ford Lane

* Clisby's Bridge (owned and maintained by Buckinghamshire County Council)

They all comprise of deep mud banks created from river silt deposits and are bordered by flora, fauna and woodland habitat and are managed as wildlife areas. The River Colne and Colne Brook flow through Iver Mud Wharves and provide valuable habitat for aquatic wildlife including fish, amphibians, bats, otters and birds

ESP Electricity Limited are currently laying electricity cables across the Parish mainly within adopted highways. However, part of the cable route involves crossing the River Colne at Long Bridge where  the Parish Council are the freehold landowner of the land on the south side of the River Colne.

This  will involve one side of the river being dammed whilst cables are dug in to the river bed, once one side is completed the same will be repeated on the remaining section.

The Parish Council have secured funding from the company carrying out the project , with the help of the Colne Valley Park river officer, to deliver improvement works when the cabling project is complete.  This will be used to reduce the spread of invasive species and to improve the site's ecological value

The Colne Catchment contains over 11 non-native species associated with the water environment, many of these are responsible for the degradation of aquatic habitats at Iver Mud Wharves and elsewhere.  Works disturbing the river channel and adjacent riparian habitats are likely to increase the spread of invasive species on sites.

We look forward to seeing an improved site and access to the river bank along Iver FP7A when the works are completed.

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