• Home To School Transport - Updated
Home To School Transport -  Updated

Home To School Transport - Updated

Dear Residents,

We have received further clarification from Buckinghamshire County Council on the Home To School Transport arrangements:

"Free home to school transport will be provided to the nearest (BCC) school if this is more than 3 miles from their home. (This would also apply if they choose a school in a neighbouring authority if it is their nearest and they are able to get a place there). This is in line with the statutory provision. In the event that a parent applies to their nearest school and a place is not available, if they are allocated a place at the next nearest school that is further than 3 miles or they are placed in a non-preference school by the LA, BCC will provide transport. For many parents in your area this means that if they apply for, but cannot be offered, Khalsa then if they have Chalfonts as their second preference and are offered it, they will get transport.

Parents will be required to make their own transport arrangements when they choose and are allocated a place at a school that is not their nearest. This means if they do not put their nearest school down then they have to pay transport elsewhere."

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