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  • IMPORTANT! The Decision On Heathrow Is Imminent – Lobby Our MP Dominic Grieve To Vote Against!
IMPORTANT! The Decision On Heathrow Is Imminent – Lobby Our MP Dominic Grieve To Vote Against!

IMPORTANT! The Decision On Heathrow Is Imminent – Lobby Our MP Dominic Grieve To Vote Against!

Dear residents,

Heathrows third runway has been given formal backing by Cabinet ahead of MP's vote! The decision on Heathrow is imminent – lobby our MP Dominic Grieve to vote against! Email: office@beaconsfieldconservatives.co.uk

The vote on Heathrow Expansion will be taken in the House of Commons in three weeks’ time. This expansion will blight our local community due to the noise impact from overhead flights, plus airport noise from take-offs and landings. We need to write to Dominic Grieve, who until now has been pro-Heathrow expansion, and ask him to vote against expansion plans on the basis of the impact it will have on us, his constituents.

The latest update on the noise implications for our area show that Richings Park will be within the 54 decibel noise contour – this is recognised as being significantly affected to the same level as Colnbrook currently experience. Areas further north including Iver Village and Iver Heath will also be affected. These are minimum figures because they assume that the airlines will be using quieter planes, but this is not expected before 2030 so the noise will be worse from 2026 when the third runway opens. This is what the noise contour will look like in 2030:  

(Please see the noise countour on the PDF attached below) 

No amount of home noise insulation is going to protect residents from this level of disturbance and there is nothing that can help with the interference of the enjoyment of our gardens or the outside environment.

The health impacts have not been fully assessed.

England’s Chief Medical Officer’s report for 2017 makes it clear that noise is an extremely serious health issue and yet the DfT and Heathrow have failed to carry out essential research on health and quality of life impacts for us - the local people who will be affected. Heathrow have also failed to address the air quality problems that the expansion will generate – not only from the large numbers of additional flights but also from all the additional traffic on our local roads. To make the 3rd runway viable Heathrow need to increase the cargo capacity by 100%; we will have many more HGVs on our local roads.

Our health and quality of life will be severely degraded.

The expansion will occupy large areas of green belt on our doorstep. In addition, a number of current airport usage sites that will be displaced are proposed for our green belt. Our green belt needs to be protected and not become a convenient dumping ground.

Please download the attached PDF to view the Noise Contour Map for 2030

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