CEMEX started soil stripping, bund creation and archaeological works in Phase 1a at North Park in April 2018. From the date of commencing work CEMEX will take 6 months to soil strip, extract the mineral and infill with onsite overburden and replace the top soils in the north east part of this Phase1a area. The area to be restored within 6 months is shown green on plan P1/739/4C 1b.

Works are still progressing on the plant site construction and so any mineral dug in this area will either be used to surcharge the plant site or stock piled for processing in the future, once the plant is up and running.

Residents are reminded that this is a quarry with large earth moving equipment on site, the public footpath crossing the site has been closed under a temporary order and residents are reminded this is private land and access by the general public is not permitted.



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