• New Website Invitation To Quote
New Website Invitation To Quote

New Website Invitation To Quote

The Ivers Parish Council is in the process of seeking quotes for the provision and hosting of a new website for a five year period.    

We are keen to hear from companies who could provide us with a new website www.theiversparishcouncil.gov.uk and we have prepared the below outline specification with our ideas.  

Please return any quotation by email to Stephanie Bennett, Clerk to the Council clerk@iverparishcouncil.gov.uk by 12.00 noon on Friday 10th July 2020

The award of this contract to the successful supplier will be based on the outline criteria being met and we will seek best value, however, best value may not be lowest price.

The selected website provider will be contacted by email no later than 21st July 2020 by the Clerk.  

Should you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact Stephanie Bennett, Clerk To The Council at:

clerk@iverparishcouncil.gov.uk or telephone 01753 655331

The Ivers Parish Council Website

 1.0 Introduction

The Ivers Parish Council is keen to develop a new website that reflects both its commitment to
deliver services within the Parish and its core principles of transparency and engagement.

The current website has served the council well however it is dated both in layout and ‘back
office’ software. The website does not conform with the accessibility requirements that commence
September 2020.

As a general observation about how difficult websites are to navigate when you have such a variety
of topics to be covered, we like the tile approach on the landing and some subsequent pages that a
lot of councils are using.

We want to avoid the need for scrolling continuously to get to information and we need all document
types to be suitable for loading.

We also do not have the resources to service a website that is the source of all information from
all other agencies; we need to focus on what is important for the Parish Council and the community.

2.0 Topics to be covered by the website

 2.1 The Council (possibly in the future this is a landing tab to an external meeting organiser
but is probably best if it is tiled for now)
• Councillors and relevant details
• Council
• Amenities Committee
• Planning Committee
• Highways and Infrastructure Committee
• Policy, Finance and General Purposes Committee
• Council documents (policies, financial reports)
• A calendar of meetings that links to the agendas and relevant documents
• Work with us
• Parish Council grants

2.2 Report a problem
This to be a list of most common problems with links provided to the appropriate authority

2.3 Our Parish (we feel that a second ‘tiled’ page would be suitable)
• Green spaces
• Play areas and sports grounds
• Parish Council Halls for Hire
• Allotments
• St Peter’s Burial Ground
• Memorials
• Christmas Lights
• The Ivers Volunteers
• Streetlights

 2.4 The Iver Mall
This is a potential externally built website that we wish to provide an access point to.

2.5 Neighbourhood Planning
• Meetings and associated meeting documents
• Consultations
• Documents relating to the Neighbourhood Plan

2.6 What’s Going On
• News
• Events
• Projects
• Planning Matters
• Large infrastructure projects

2.7 Emergencies
We want this tile to be available to place significant information in the case of emergencies

2.8 Community Noticeboard
We would like to have an electronic noticeboard that allows us to load a poster or similar image to
introduce local organisations and what they do. The search engine would need to search these pdfs.
We were thinking of having categories of noticeboards eg youth activities, exercise groups, general
interest etc etc

2.9 Search function
To run on the whole site for the content of all document types

2.10 Contacts and social media links
Include other organisations and some departments.

3.0 Resilience of website to changes
We recognise that any page that is ‘tiled’ will be set however we would like an option to develop
sub pages from non tiled pages. This will provide us with greater resilience to adapt to changes
in the type and quantity of information that we provide.

4.0 General format of home page
We would prefer this to be uncluttered with the tiles centrally based. We are happy for social
media links and contact details to be on the front page, but we do not wish to create a home page
that then requires considerable scrolling to reach relevant information. This Council has a
depository of print quality photographs.

5.0 Online payments and bookings
The Council will be looking to develop an online bookings and payment scheme and it is important
that the website can accommodate this in the future.

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Contact Us

Iver Parish Council
45B High Street,

01753 655331
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