COVID 19 Coronavirus News and Updates
COVID 19 Coronavirus News and Updates
Heathrow Consultation

Heathrow Consultation

You will be aware that Heathrow are currently consulting on their plans for expansion of the airport.  In addition to building a new runway, they are planning to add major infrastructure into the Ivers area.  This information is buried deep within their consultation documents, but we have waded through the information and pulled out the salient points, which is being shared with residents throughout The Ivers in a 'call to action'.  Heathrow's plans will have a significant impact on all of our areas, particularly in respect of putting yet more HGVs onto our roads.  The impact of their plans has not been thought through and so no mitigation has been proposed for The Ivers.
Residents are asked to object to these plans by responding to Heathrow's consultation either: in person, at their roadshow in Richings Park on 22 August, or in writing.  
The detailed impacts which have so far been identified are provided in a briefing note on our website under Infrastructure.  
Copies of the main consultation documents are available in the Community Hub in the Iver Parish Council office. 
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