COVID 19 Coronavirus News and Updates
COVID 19 Coronavirus News and Updates
Traveller vehicles on Iver Recreation Ground

Traveller vehicles on Iver Recreation Ground

On Monday evening the barrier and gates to Iver Recreation Ground were cut and a number of vehicles have been driven on to Iver Recreation Ground.

Police and all the relevant agencies were informed and attended site throughout yesterday.

Thames Valley Police decided not to issue a Section 61 notice and it is therefore down to Bucks County Council to proceed with legal remedies.

A Direction to Leave was served which had a deadline of 1:00 p.m. to-day.

Assuming this is not complied with the next step is to go court and this will happen on Friday morning.  It is expected that bucks County Council will then be on site with police to oversee removal on Friday afternoon.

The grounds are being monitored for damage by our groundsteam and the police have been on site on a number of occasions.  

If you observe any noise or nuisance please report directly to the police on 101 so that they are aware of any issues arising for local residents and users of the Recreation Ground as they occur.

We will contact users of the Pavilion individually about arrangements.





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