Roadworks Ahead For the Ivers May 27th - June 13th


Please note that dates are indicative, and The Ivers Parish Council has no control over the scheduling of roadworks


During the period 25th February – 9th August, resurfacing work is scheduled to take place in the following locations:

                            Pinewood Road – entire length (currently listed as during the period 6th – 25th June).

                            Glaisyer Way – entire length.

                            High Street – junction with Cecil Road to junction with Langley Park Road

                            Langley Park Road – junction with High Street to the canal bridge.

In each case, the road will be subject to closure and diversions will be in place and so delays and parking restrictions are inevitable.

23rd April – 16th August

Pinewood Road – 5-points roundabout to Pinewood Studios.  Construction of cycleway.  Lane closure – Delays possible.

13th May – 3rd June

Coopers Row – Entire road.  Water meter installation.  Give and take – Delays unlikely.

22nd – 29th May

Bellswood Lane – opposite Bellswood Far.  Road repairs.  Priority working – Delays unlikely.

24th May

Love Lane – outside Remuera.  Water meter installation.  Some carriageway incursion – Delays unlikely.

24th – 29th May

A412 Uxbridge Road – 5-Points Roundabout Slough boundary.  Rural grass cutting.  Lane closures – Delays likely.

25th May – 3rd June

North Park – junction with Sutton Lane.  Telecoms works.  Multi-way signals – Delays likely.

31st May – 4th June

Pinewood Road – outside Heathlands.  Water main works.  Two-way traffic signals – Delays possible.

3rd – 7th June

Thorney Lane North – outside No. 18.  Renewal of gully frame/road repair.  Two-way traffic signals – Delays likely.

10th – 29th June

Wood Lane – entire length.  Water meter installation.  Give and take – Delays unlikely.

11th – 13th June

A412 Uxbridge Road – 5-points roundabout.  Telecoms works.  No carriageway incursion – Delays unlikely.

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