South Bucks District Council News Release

South Bucks District Council News Release

Iver takes first step towards becoming a neighbourhood area.
Iver Parish Council has applied to South Bucks District Council for the entire parish to be declared a Neighbourhood Area under the Localism Act 2011.

This is the first step towards the Parish Council being able to create its own Neighbourhood Plan which, once it's completed the formal processes, would help guide development in its area.

Under the government's regulations, the parish's application will be advertised for four weeks from 30 October and South Bucks District Council will decide within eight weeks of the application whether to declare the Parish of Iver as a Neighbourhood Area. South Bucks District Council is inviting written representations up to 5pm on November 27 from local people, businesses, landowners and interested parties so that their views can be taken into account.

If the Neighbourhood Area is declared and a draft Neighbourhood Plan is prepared, the Plan will need to conform with South Bucks District Council's planning objectives for the area set out its Development Plan, would need to be tested by an independent examiner and pass a local referendum. A Neighbourhood Plan would allow local people to come together and prepare a plan based on their local needs and priorities. If it conforms with the Development Plan and passes examination, the draft Neighbourhood Plan would then be the subject of a local referendum and if the majority of voters agree it can form part of the Development Plan and used to determine planning applications.

Within declared neighbourhood areas, parish councils can also prepare draft Neighbourhood Development Orders, subject to the Orders being made through due processes, allowing certain types of development without the need for making a planning application.

South Bucks District Councillor Nick Naylor, Portfolio Holder for Sustainable Development, said: “I would like to encourage anyone living in this area to submit their comments on this application before 5pm on Friday 27 November. This is a great opportunity for residents to have a say on potential future developments in their local community.”

The Chairman of Iver Parish Council, Cllr Wendy Matthews said: “This is a once in a generation opportunity for the local community to have a direct impact on the future of their area.”

Comments and representations can be emailed to or posted to:

Planning Policy
South Bucks District Council
Oxford Road

The Localism Act 2011 created a range of measures to provide more power to local communities. This included allowing local communities to guide development within their local area through the production of a neighbourhood plan.

Neighbourhood plans provide the opportunity for local communities to play a greater role in determining the future of their area. A neighbourhood plan can outline policies on the development and use of land in a parish or neighbourhood area, and can propose the same or a higher level of growth as proposed in a local authority's development plan.

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