St Peter's Church Burial Ground

St Peter's Church Burial Ground

Local residents will know that for a number of years now, the actual graveyard at St. Peter's Church has been closed to new burials. At that time, the parish council purchased an adjoining piece of land (the burial ground) which has subsequently been used for these local burials.

Even though the burial ground is owned by the parish council, the actual burials and all of the associated dealings with undertakers, etc. has been under the jurisdiction of the parochial church council itself. This is a church body which operates to the Oxford Diocesan Regulations for burials.

As of December the 31 st. 2015, the church no longer wishes to be the administrator for these functions. This means that the parish council either takes on this responsibility or chooses some other means of operation.

Coincidentally, the burial ground has very few spaces left for actual burials. This has prompted Iver Parish Council to conclude that the best way forward is to maximise what opportunities are left for local residents. The only way this is possible, is to cease burials at the end of the year, and continue only with the burial of cremated remains. This will clearly take up less space, and increase the longevity of the use of the remaining ground. Administration will be covered from the current council offices.

This has not been an easy decision for this council, but it is perceived as the best opportunity and direction currently available. Exact details of how the administration will function have yet to be worked through.

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