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  • Swan Meadow … New Development Opens … 5 Star Bug Hotel!
Swan Meadow … New Development Opens … 5 Star Bug Hotel!

Swan Meadow … New Development Opens … 5 Star Bug Hotel!

Work continues at Swan Meadow rural habitat a peaceful retreat for families, dog walkers and amblers alike. To the far East of the entrance to the Meadow you’ll find a Deluxe Eco Bug Hotel has newly opened and is ready for business. This Insect Hotel was built to provide additional habitats for invertebrates on this conservation site, invertebrates are vital for a healthy ecosystem – slugs provide food for hedgehogs, worms improve soil fertility, and bees pollinate many species of plant. Unfortunately many species are in decline, which is largely due to habitat loss.

What can you find in this insect hotel?

By breaking up our insect hotel into lots of small sections, we hope to benefit a wide range of species. Solitary bees can lay their eggs in the hollow canes, whilst beetles can lay theirs in the logs as they rot down. Look out for woodlice in the bark sections, and spiders in the pinecone basket. We have also sowed wildflower seeds on the top of the insect hotel, to create a ‘green’ roof for bumblebees and other pollinating isects.

The bug hotel was set in position so that the open front will be good for invertebrates which require warm sunny conditions, and the brambles to the back will provide shelter and make it easy for bugs and insects to move between the brambles and the hotel structure.

By leaving untidy areas in your own garden, like a small leaf or log pile, you too can recreate these hugely important micro-habitats.

Take a little time out, wander down to swan Meadow where a little nature based magic is slowly unfolding for all to enjoy.

Swan Meadow is located on Swan Road, Iver SL0 9JZ, past the public parking and through the pillars you will find it located on the left.

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